Being a photographer and a member of a mass-production industry, Ellen Callaway found learning how to reduce her waste to be fascinating as well as critically important. She knew she could use her creativity to ignite the same enthusiasm in others.


Recycled Beauty

In 2013, Callaway created “Recycled Beauty”, an inspiring photo campaign that makes learning about waste diversion and recycling fun & exciting.

Left to Right  1) Recycled Beauty on exhibit. Ellen Callaway with fashion designer Diana Coluntino (pictured right). Coluntino made Callaway’s dress from recovered fiber leftover from the Recycled Beauty booklet print run. Photo by Stephanie Arnett.  2)  Callaway frequently volunteers at her  local CHARM facility. Photo by James Milan.  3)  The booklet was printed off-set which produces a fair amount of recovered fiber. Coluntino had about 300 30X40 sheets of paper to work with for the paper dress.

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