Attention Haulers: HRRA permits and municipal registration renewals are due no later than July 31st.  After that date, the HRRA permit fee doubles to $500 per vehicle and the municipal registration fees double, and access to the transfer station may be suspended if any information is incomplete or missing. 

**New collectors have 30 days to register and permit their trucks with HRRA.  Registration and HRRA permit fees will double for collectors/haulers who do not register their business within 30 days.

HRRA permits (for use of the MSW transfer stations in Danbury, Ridgefield and Newtown), Oak Ridge permits (for use of the regional recycling facility on White Street in Danbury), and municipal registrations for all HRRA municipalities can all be renewed at the same time using the same form and paying with one check through HRRA. Please make sure to answer all the questions on the renewal forms even if the answer is “not applicable”  Renewals with unanswered questions or missing items will be returned.

Connecticut law requires haulers to register with each municipality in which they collect solid waste, including recycling and C&D.  Municipal registration fees vary and are set by each municipality.  (See the list of fees on the checklist.)

Connecticut law also requires that each year haulers report the destination of all solid waste and recyclables they collect to every municipality in which they work, and the tonnage of that material if it is delivered to a facility that is not permitted by the State of Connecticut, e.g. an out of state transfer station.  One report must be done for each municipality in which you collect and turned in to HRRA with your permit/registration renewal paperwork.