Garbage and recycling collection in the region is provided by private subscription service with a solid waste hauler chosen by the resident. So how do you go about choosing a hauler? Below are some tips that other residents have found useful.

Choose a hauler from the chart below who is permitted to collect in the municipality where you live. Registered haulers are legally able to collect in the community and maintain the appropriate insurances, licenses and vehicle registrations. It is a state requirement that haulers register in any municipality they operate.


  • Consider a hauler who offers unit-based pricing also known as SMART to ensure that you only pay for the waste that you produce.
  • Call several registered haulers and check their prices. Be sure to ask about unit-based pricing.
  • Be sure and tell potential haulers about any special circumstances you have or services you want such as garage pick up rather than curbside or steep driveway or senior citizen, etc.
  • Ask potential haulers about pricing for occasional oversize items you may want to leave out for pick up.
  • Ask potential haulers if they will provide you with containers, bins, toters, etc. for trash and recycling.
  • Ask your neighbors who they use and if they’re happy with their hauler.
  • Help keep our haulers and transfer station operators safe.  Learn what you should and shouldn’t put in your trash and recycling bin.  Click here for more information:  Recycle Right.
  • It’s law – No person shall knowingly combine previously segregated designated recyclable items with other solid waste.
Registered & Permitted Haulers 2023-24

Below is a list of HRRA registered haulers.  Find a hauler that is registered in your town.  You can use the search feature at the top of each row.
Bridgewater=BW,  Bethel=BE,  Brookfield=BK,  Danbury=DA,  Kent=KE,  New Fairfield=NF, New Milford=NM,
Newtown=NE,  Redding=RE,  Ridgefield=RI,  Roxbury=RX, Sherman=SH,  Weston=WE, Wilton=WI