Why is it important to Recycle Right?

When we recycle we reduce the amount of trash we make and use less raw materials. This reduces the amount of pollution in our water, air, and soil.


But not everything is recyclable! It’s important to know which items can go in the recycling bin, and RECYCLE RIGHT. When items that are not recyclable are placed in the the recycling bin, the quality recyclables can get contaminated! When the recyclables become contaminated, they lose their value and can no longer be made into new products. Also, when items that should be “out” are placed in the recycling bin, it can damage the equipment at the material recovery facility.


Recycling Guide – What’s IN, What’s OUT

CLICK HERE to view Connecticut’s universal recycling guide.

All items should be empty, rinsed, clean and open.  Do not shred, box, bag, or bundle material.


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